i need a name for this cutie 🐱 i was thinking of either winston, cooper, or chandler (bc my dog’s name is joey [friends reference] and that would be cute).
inputs/ideas?? also, he took this photo himself 😉 {#cute, #kitten, #cat, #grey, #animals}

the newest edition to our family 🐱 💕 {#cat, #dog, #sleeping, #cute}

birthday selfieeeeee 😁 {#birthday, #selfie}

scottymccreerys said: HAPPY BDAY LOVE U

ty tiffany i love u too!!! ♥♥ xox :-)

reginamillsurl said: happy birthday carley!!!! ily :)

thank you, shanise!!

ilyt :-) ♥

since i haven’t been on consider that i had my appendix out two months ago and recently got into breaking bad during my healing time, i am going to reblog lots of stephanie today and if you would not like to see it, please blacklist it as “16BDS


all time favorites

stephanie mcmahon

i know i haven’t been on in forever and i very much apologize

buuuuut omg stephanie what  cunt for not manning up and wrestling vickie like i was ready to see her in some sexy ass wrestling gear showing off some major skin what a bitch goddamn.

but anyways happy 16th birthday to me!!!

yummmmm 🍕🍍🐷 {#pizza, #dominos, #hawaiianstyle}